Entry #1


2007-07-18 08:55:18 by DaRk



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2007-07-25 01:46:39

Hey man. You remember your old Photoshop Me topic that I used to bump last year?

I've been wondering recently why it was locked. It had to have been locked by an admin, right? I mean it was 8 months old...

Anyways, I've been struggling to find the link to it. Do you know where it went?

DaRk responds:

Not sure man, I wouldnt know where the link is now. It must have got locked by an admin, why, I dont know, but yea.


2007-08-08 02:54:28

I would quite highly rank your music but its poorly recorded man. You should get your hands on one of those line-in's from your guitar to your computer, my mate had one which came with a program for it to, he got it quite cheap.

I think it would be worth investing in :)


2008-08-06 21:24:17

your picure is sooooo hot


2008-08-11 20:50:49

Cool! Your a Private! Which I will become one of very soon.


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